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Dane Watts

Proprietor Of
Epic Expressions
Digital Marketing Solutions

Greetings! I'm Dane Watts, the creative force behind Epic Expressions Digital Marketing Solutions. As a fervent web development enthusiast, my mission is to craft extraordinary digital experiences that seamlessly blend creativity with functionality. I'm driven by the belief that well-designed websites not only captivate users but also deliver positive outcomes.

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The Railway


In 2020, I left the railway after being a rail car mechanic for 8 years. During this time, I had a lot of decision-making to do. Finally, after some research and interest in technology, I bought my first boot camp in web development.

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Web Development Boot Camp


In the realm of web development, I am dedicated to shaping exceptional digital encounters. Armed with a keen sense of design aesthetics and a profound understanding of user-centric philosophies, I embark on a mission to construct user-friendly online platforms that effortlessly blend style and utility. My goal is to leave a lasting impact, ensuring users enjoy a seamless and engaging journey with the digital solutions I bring to life.

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Athabasca University


As I step into the realm of computer science, my academic journey takes a deliberate focus on cybersecurity—a strategic exploration of the digital frontier. I begin with the essentials of programming and logic, laying the groundwork for a deeper understanding of computer systems, algorithms, and data management.

As the journey unfolds, my focus sharpens on the critical domain of cybersecurity. I delve into courses on network security, cryptography, and ethical hacking, equipping myself with the tools to safeguard digital landscapes. Understanding the intricacies of cyber threats becomes paramount, and I learn to fortify systems against potential vulnerabilities. Specialization avenues open up, offering opportunities in penetration testing, digital forensics, and security engineering. Electives provide the flexibility to tailor my academic route to personal interests, whether it's in threat intelligence or secure software development.

In this personal odyssey, each course and challenge met serves as a stepping stone toward my ultimate end game—becoming a cybersecurity expert. My pursuit is not merely about obtaining degrees; it's a dedicated quest to comprehend, innovate, and stand at the forefront of securing the digital future.

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Epic Expressions


In 2021, I decided to start my own journey on the internet. I created Epic Expressions Multimedia Solutions, a company aimed at not only enhancing my skills with IoT but also assisting others, including small businesses, in achieving their goals. This venture provided me with excellent exposure, enabling me to learn not only a plethora of new technologies but also the soft skills required when working with clients.

I gained experience in various areas, from network setups and DNS to building and maintaining large-scale projects with companies that have a global reach. I delved into aspects such as security and database management, allowing me to maintain and update my skills despite not working directly in the IT field. Pursuing my dreams in technology also opened avenues for exploring other passions, such as photography and videography.

While consistently maintaining this position, I work diligently to ensure that every client who chooses to work with Epic Expressions not only receives what they are seeking in their online video but also experiences exceptional satisfaction with the process.

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Jonas Club Software


My focus revolves around designing, developing, and debugging front-end websites and architectural layouts using Kentico systems. My toolkit includes HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress, Python, and SQL. My Professional Experience at Jonas Club Software: I take pride in collaborating with a talented team, working hand-in-hand with designers and team leaders to address client issues and deliver top-notch solutions. Juggling multiple projects simultaneously, I've honed my skills in improving processes and productivity through the strategic use of Salesforce and Excel spreadsheets along with so many other tools.

I firmly believe in a client-centric approach. Beyond coding excellence, I prioritize client satisfaction by meticulously booking meetings and organizing files and folders to enhance usability. What Sets Me Apart: Versatility is a cornerstone of my approach. I've cultivated a proficiency in various technologies, ensuring adaptability to the ever-evolving landscape of front-end development. I tackle challenges with an innovative mindset, consistently exceeding client expectations.

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The Future


I am currently immersed in the dynamic field of networks and ethical hacking, actively learning the intricacies of cybersecurity. My educational background has equipped me with a solid foundation in computer architecture, processes, networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With a passion for securing digital landscapes, my ultimate goal is to work as a cybersecurity engineer, specializing in ethical hacking.

In my journey towards this goal, I am exploring the role of a 'Red Team.' A Red Team is essentially a group of cybersecurity professionals who simulate cyberattacks to assess and fortify the defenses of systems, networks, or organizations. As ethical hackers, their mission is to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential entry points that malicious hackers might exploit. This proactive approach allows them to address and mitigate these issues before real attackers can take advantage.

By delving into the realm of ethical hacking, I aim to not only understand the various technologies involved but also actively contribute to enhancing the security posture of systems. The constant pursuit of knowledge in this field aligns with my commitment to staying ahead of emerging threats and implementing robust cybersecurity measures. I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the cybersecurity landscape and ensuring the protection of digital assets in the role of a cybersecurity engineer.

Let's collaborate to transform your digital landscape and enhance engagement and satisfaction for your audience. Contact me for online success!